Barrow Visit #7

Today was my last day at Barrow this semester, for this class and a math class. I’ve been working with my math buddy for an hour and then coming into a 1st grade class for 2 hours. This experience has been very rewarding and has taught me a lot about the way students’ learn. Today, I observed the teacher reading Tale of Despereaux. Her class will be watching the movie in a few weeks. I then worked in the hall with a student, using flashcards to help her practice sight words. We started with just the sight word and then began adding silly sentences using the sight words. We went back into the class and I observed the teacher review sight words using the projector. She had an image up of the sight word and then filled in the blank at the bottom while the children used white boards to spell. Next, I worked one-on-one in the hall with a student practicing the math that the whole class will be learning next week. I had sheets of paper with equations and we used a white board to solve them. The student picked up on this quickly and learned how to use the less than and greater than signs when comparing numbers. Lastly, I sorted and added to each student’s data reports for the semester. I really liked this idea and I aim to use it in my future classroom. This teacher collects data from every subject, including pre and post tests, to see the continuously improvement of each student. I’m definitely going to miss these kids!



Author: Anna Beasley

Early Childhood Education. UGA.

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