Barrow Visit #5

Today, I observed the teacher as she went over things to report to the teacher and unnecessary things that the teacher doesn’t need to know about. The teacher then read a book to the class on in level E on country animals and compared/contrast with another book. The students broke out into small groups depending on if they wanted to read to self, read with a partner, word works, or read on the iPad. Next, I worked one-on-one with students as they practiced reading within their reading level. The time period I visit this 1st grade classroom every Thursday falls in their English/Language Arts time, so I am most likely always helping with a reading activity. I enjoy supporting students as they practice sight words and also learn new words. I worked with about 3 students on reading for the majority of time today. After, I pulled out a student and wrote her sight words on flashcards using previous sight word assessments. We practiced these words multiple times and used each word in fun sentences together. This made me very excited to have a future classroom in a few years and be able to evaluate and meet the specific needs of each student. As usual, the students left for recess and I filled Monday folders for the teacher.



Author: Anna Beasley

Early Childhood Education. UGA.

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