Barrow Visit #4

This week at Barrow, the children were having early release for parent-teacher conferences. They were very excited! First, I worked with two different students on books within their reading level. We always sit outs in the hallway to read and discuss each book. I mentally kept track of the percent of words that each student could read on their own and the percent they struggled with. This is useful information I provide for the teacher after reading. The 1st grade classroom I work in got a new student this morning, so I worked with him a lot afterwards. I first had him count as high as he could to collect that data for the teacher. Next, I used the site, Reading, to help the teacher determine his reading level. We started at level E because many of her students fell under this level, but I skipped around to test where he felt most comfortable, but also felt challenged. I really loved using this site because each level had a large selection of books with different topics. Lastly, I stuffed Monday folders for the teacher while the class went to recess and lunch.



Author: Anna Beasley

Early Childhood Education. UGA.

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