Barrow Visit #5

Today, I observed the teacher as she went over things to report to the teacher and unnecessary things that the teacher doesn’t need to know about. The teacher then read a book to the class on in level E on country animals and compared/contrast with another book. The students broke out into small groups depending on if they wanted to read to self, read with a partner, word works, or read on the iPad. Next, I worked one-on-one with students as they practiced reading within their reading level. The time period I visit this 1st grade classroom every Thursday falls in their English/Language Arts time, so I am most likely always helping with a reading activity. I enjoy supporting students as they practice sight words and also learn new words. I worked with about 3 students on reading for the majority of time today. After, I pulled out a student and wrote her sight words on flashcards using previous sight word assessments. We practiced these words multiple times and used each word in fun sentences together. This made me very excited to have a future classroom in a few years and be able to evaluate and meet the specific needs of each student. As usual, the students left for recess and I filled Monday folders for the teacher.



Barrow Visit #4

This week at Barrow, the children were having early release for parent-teacher conferences. They were very excited! First, I worked with two different students on books within their reading level. We always sit outs in the hallway to read and discuss each book. I mentally kept track of the percent of words that each student could read on their own and the percent they struggled with. This is useful information I provide for the teacher after reading. The 1st grade classroom I work in got a new student this morning, so I worked with him a lot afterwards. I first had him count as high as he could to collect that data for the teacher. Next, I used the site, Reading, to help the teacher determine his reading level. We started at level E because many of her students fell under this level, but I skipped around to test where he felt most comfortable, but also felt challenged. I really loved using this site because each level had a large selection of books with different topics. Lastly, I stuffed Monday folders for the teacher while the class went to recess and lunch.


Barrow Visit #3

When I arrived at Barrow, the teacher was reading The Wizard of Oz and they got to wear green for “Green Day.” I went and got a large piece of green paper for the teacher and then worked one-on-one with the students. The class is still working on long and short vowel sounds, this time with the letter i. I pulled students who needed some extra practice on this into the hallway. I had a stack of flashcards and mixed them up for the student. I made two columns for the long and short i and the student would place the flashcard in the right place. They also would say the word out loud and double check their work. With one student, we played an active game where if the answer was a long i, we would jump as tall as we could, and if the answer was a short i, then we would couch into a ball. After about 30 minutes, I went back into the classroom and assisted the teacher while the students made castles from the Wizard of Oz. I saw a lot of creativity and design skills in this group of students! Next, I read one-on-one with a student in the hallway. We read about transformers and I saw improvement just in the 20 minutes I was reading with him. We practiced sight words and new words together. Lastly, I filled Monday folders with the a week’s worth of papers.