Maker Journal Post #10


Today I decided to use the section titled “Origami for Kids” on the website, These can actually be used in classrooms, grades 2-4 specifically. I made a crown, a bear face, and a sampan. The crown could be used for children’s birthdays or a birthday party. The sampan could tie in some aspects of Chinese culture into this activity.

Some specific ideas for Makerspace could be origami bookmarks, flowers, envelopes, and paper airplanes. Teachers would only need to provide paper, scissors, rulers, and glue for this activity. This also adds emphasis to the culture of creativity and discovery in education. Students can make something of their own, and put concentration and effort into it. There are many origami books as well that can go along with particular origami designs. Students can grasp the idea of 3D objects, dimensions, and multi-views using this activity. Math is incorporated in the way that students must measure the paper and fold according to different measurements on the paper. There is also an activity called lumigami that illuminates origami creations with LED lights.

Another idea would be to incorporate writing into an origami activity by having children write a “How To,” explaining steps to create something of interest to them. They could write on paper, or add in the use of technology and create a page with pictures of each step. Students can express themselves using origami creations as well, and can have a sense of choice based on what they create. A Makerspace could allow students to create structures based on personal interests, using various materials besides construction paper, and present a gallery or final project at the end of the year.


Author: Anna Beasley

Early Childhood Education. UGA.

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