Genius Hour 2: Research for Personalized Learning

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In our EDIT 2000 class on Tuesday, we learned how to accurately research reliable information online. The main source to use for the rest of my Genius Hour blogs is Galileo and the various databases within that. After using ERIC specifically, the main Department of Education database, and choosing “Advanced Search,” I decided to narrow my topic to just elementary school level education rather than all of k12 because my future involves teaching Early Childhood.

Things to remember about these research strategies include how to use chat by being able to ask a UGA librarian any question that stands in the way of my research. Next, when I pick the database I decide to use, I can limit my search my educational level, publication date, and source time in order to find the exact articles I am looking for. For my topic specifically, I selected all the Early Childhood grades, 2005-2015, maybe even sooner as I dig deeper into my research, and all sources such as magazines and journals. After browsing through and finding the most supportive articles for my overall question, I can then save the articles by creating a folder and emailing all items to myself at the end of my research period. All of these will be important while conducting the rest of my Genius Hour posts this semester.

After learning about Galileo, I now went through the process of refining my overall question. This helped me narrow down the grade level and use synonyms and keywords to find more articles about personalized learning. For example, I can type in effective ways, as well as successful methods. Even typing in the keywords “Personalized learning” brings up over 100 articles and then I can pick ones based on their description in the title. It also helped me personally shy away from Google research like I’ve always done, which can have unreliable or biased information for my posts. I’m excited to effectively use these strategies and tips for all of my posts from now on.

As I was browsing through these different databases, I found that most of the articles for personalized learning link to technology, such as computer games or activities that are used to individualize learning for younger students. This also helped me reform my overall question, now changing it to “How does using technology guide Early Childhood teachers to personalized learning for students?”

Here are some articles I found for further research throughout this semester:





Author: Anna Beasley

Early Childhood Education. UGA.

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